Eduardo Uribe

May 3, 2022

How to output files ignored by Eleventy

When files in our input directory are not of a valid Eleventy template language extension, they will be ignored and not output into our output directory.

If we would like Eleventy to copy over our ignored files or a directory of ignored files into our output directory.

Then inside our Eleventy configuration file (.eleventy.js) we use the addPassthroughCopy method to specify the files or directories we want Eleventy to copy into our output directory.

module.exports = function(eleventyConfig) {

// Copy "styles.css" to "_site/styles.css"

// Copy the "css" directory to "_site/css"

Now, our output folder will contain both the previously ignored styles.css file and the css directory.

|-- _site
| |-- index.html
| |-- styles.css
| `-- css
| |-- home.css
| `-- about.css
|-- .eleventy.js
|-- index.html
|-- styles.css
`-- css
|-- home.css
`-- about.css

... Now, we know.